Welcome to Vatika Bay

We would like to inform you that our shipping agency office is working at Vatika Bay of Neapolis Vion Lakonias.

Vatika Bay as matter as weather conditions it is protected from the weather, except from SouthEast (sorocada) that it might appear mostly in winter times from December until February (few times (4-5) and for small duration, not more than 24 hours)

As long as the navigation is concerned, the bottom is clear without obstructions and suitable for safe anchorage (nautical chart Hellenic admiralty No 222/1).

The vessels which pass stenon Elafonisou, must know that the deviation is not bigger from 3 to 5 N.M.

The distance from Piraeus is about 350 km. The road after Sparta is with many turns, a simple car needs about 4 to 4.5 hours and a truck needs about 5 to 6 hours.

We can serve you by delivering to your vsls stores, spares, change crew, cleaning suctions.

We can deliver lubs and fresh water. (Anytime at your service for more information) We have available service boat building 05, cargo: 70 mt, speed: 12,5 knts
Shore Crane: 10 tons, 5 tons.